We introduced our Frequent Diner Program in 1989 and today we have over 170,000 members who enjoy discounts at all Hog's Breath outlets. Put your wallet on a diet and join our Frequent Diner members who enjoy a generous 25% discount on their meals.

Join now and save! Just $50!

There are now two ways to get a Frequent Diner Card!

Option 1: Purchase the card for $50 - This gets you a Hog's Breath Cafe Frequent Diner Card with a 5 year membership, a complimentary initiation drink and invitations to special members' nights. Simply fill out the Frequent Diner application form and take it to your nearest Hog's Breath Cafe.

Option 2: Get one for Free! All you need to do is take the Frequent Diner application form into your nearest Hog's Breath Cafe throughout Australia and after your meal have it validated. Once you have 6 stamps on the back of this form you will be eligible for a Frequent Diner Card. 

The one that gives you savings as you use it!

Unlike many other cards that are taking up valuable space in your wallet or purse, the Hog's Breath Cafe Frequent Diner Card gives you benefits each and every time you use it! Immediately! You don't need to circumnavigate the globe eight times to receive a toaster. Just use the card and see the 25% savings immediately!


Here's a pleasant change. Something the tax office won't penalise you for owning. The Hog's Breath Cafe Frequent Diner Card is just like a Membership Card that enables you to reap the benefits. There's absolutely no Fringe Benefit Tax for the tax office. This is purely a "save as you use" card and that's great news!


As a member of the Hog's Breath Cafe Frequent Diner Program, you immediately become an extra special person. As long as you have the card, you'll be treated to savings on regular menu meals. The savings go on and on....

You can pick yours up at a store near you now

Simple savings made easy.



Our Frequent Diners are a cut above the rest! So, if your Frequent Diner card is due to expire we would like to offer you something special.  A new Frequent Diner card (valid for 5 years) for just $10!  To purchase your new card head into your local Hog's Breath Cafe and ask our friendly team.  Make sure you bring your current card to receive this special price.


If you no longer have your expired Frequent Diner card you can replace yours for FREE just by picking up our Update your Frequent Diner Card flyer in store and collecting a validation stamp after your meal.  Once you have 2 stamps you will be eligible for a complimentary Frequent Diner card which you can redeem at your local Hog's Breath Cafe.  It's that simple!

Remember, our Frequent Diners are a cut above the rest!
Contact us, update or add your Frequent Diner details here

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