What is Hog’s Breath Cafe?

Hog’s Breath Cafe is a chain of franchised casual dining restaurants. We offer a diverse menu that is centered around our signature dish “Hog’s Breath Prime Rib” which is quite simply…

The Best a Steak Can Get!

However, we are much more than a steakhouse with excellent food!

Our company is like no other in the restaurant business. We are unique with a very distinctive culture and philosophy of life. Our business owners possess a strong bond with the franchise system and an enviable fellowship. This sporty fun orientated characteristic of our system is reflected in the restaurants they run. We are definitely a lifestyle driven company where the Franchise Owners of each store are “the face” of their business and celebrate all the successes with their staff.

We are in fact a “WAY OF LIFE”. We have a fun upbeat ambiance that you just can’t help but enjoy. It is a product of the owner’s attitude on life, the friendly staff, the 80’s and 90’s music, the rustic collection of memorabilia, and the contagious party atmosphere of people enjoying themselves. It is more than a place to eat – it is an experience!

As we have expanded throughout Australia and beyond, more and more customers seek out our “way of life”.

We are Food with Attitude!

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